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Ideas on How to Effectively Display Jewellery

Jewellery has always been a bit of a mystery to me in terms of display.  While it is fluid and we can manipulate its movement in some cases, the small scale of the items can lend it to blend into the background.  I have done some research through various site that specialise in window and in store displays and have come up with a few ideas that you may find helpful.


WEAR THE STOCK.  This resonated loud and clear through all sites.  Nothing sells better then when customers see a product on someone else.  I worked in a high priced boutique for many years (which will remain unnamed) and retail staff were given 0% discount on clothing.  Hence most of us just couldn't afford to buy the clothing, but the few times we feel in love with something and did purchase it and subsequently wore it to work, our sales increase by I would average at least 50%.

FOCUS ON ONE ITEM.  Pick a piece that you feel is value for money and stands out and focus on selling that piece only.  Put this on your display higher then any other product and preferably at eye level.  For example put a neck form with your necklace choice in the middle of your display table with varying heights of other products displayed.  Make sure the neck form is higher then all other products by a good 20 cms. Style it like someone has a big bright arrow pointed at it shouting "look at this piece before you look at anything else". This will draw customers to look at it and it opens you up to a conversation about it, leading to showing other products of the same designer.    Witchery is great at this.  They have one display cabinet for jewellery, most is at hand level with just one or two pieces displayed on top of the cabinet at eye level.  

jewellery 3.jpg

ONE ITEM AT A TIME.  Never display more then one necklace for example on a neck form.  It will cheapen the look of the necklaces.

jewellery 5.jpg


DISPLAY ON APPAREL.  If you stock some apparel always have a piece of jewellery on models.  Even if the clothing is on hangers, drap a necklace around the hanger falling onto the top/dress.  There is a good chance that if people are interested in the clothing, they will also be interested in the jewellery you have styled it with and it is a great way to upsell.

jewellery 4.jpg

IMPECCABLE CLEAN.  Try to make sure products are always impeccable clean.  This can be difficult as most customers what to touch and feel, but it will make a difference at the end of the day.

PICK YOUR TARGET MARKET.  If you are wanting to focus on selling a particular designer or item that day, pick it and work out your target market.  Lets look at our jewellery - Epheriell.  This jewellery would fall into the 12-40 demographic, so make the decision to draw those age groups to the display.  Look at your other products that fit that demographic and group them together.  

jewellery 1.jpg

DON'T OVERCROWD.  Keep the display simple.  Too much choice leads to customers being overwhelmed and abandoning the purchase all together.  Change the items every few days but minimal is best. (Never have more then one of the same product on display in terms of jewellery).


SILVER = PLAIN BACKGROUND.  If you are focusing on selling silver or gold jewellery, have plain background.  No florals or prints, etc, the jewellery will just get lost.

I am certainly no expert on display, however after reading these tips they really resonated with me I had a lot of aha moments looking back through my retail career. 

I would love to hear your feedback and what works for you, or what didn't work for you.  This is only the standard that works for most, I have one client that literally puts every piece of jewellery she has on a table, without prices or height variation, and always has healthy jewellery sales (she could sell ice to eskimos though - can that be bottled and where can we buy it?)



Retail And The Emotional Pull

I recently listened to an amazing interview with the mind behind the Motorcycle Brand Braaap.  Motorcycles are so far removed from my world it is not funny, however the interview was about how he built his business and why he has been so successful (and all in his early 20s).

shopping 1.jpg

The key point I took from this 30-minute interview was that emotion must be created to convert sales.  A great example is the store LUSH.  If you look at basics this is a retail outlet that sells soaps, but if you look at the emotion they have created a warm, sensory inviting environment.   When you walk into their space the smell is overwhelming.  The soaps are all available to touch, feel and smell.  Retail staff offer testers, warm water bowls are set up to try scrubs and soaps on hands and wash off.  From this test the customer is left with the scent on the hands.  This has created an attachment to the product and hence the last little push to buy.  The very same set up could be created with our beautiful brand Cleanse With Benefits.

arm chair.jpg

So we have established that emotion that scent can bring is an easy one (candles are a great example, lighting them in your store to create a warm atmosphere).  But how do you evoke an emotional response with things like soft furnishings?  What is it that takes the visual sense and makes it an emotion?  Experience and desire.  How many times have you read through a Home Beautiful and yearned for the surroundings that the homes advertise (daily for me).  Whilst we can’t please everyone most stores have a theme (French themed, coloring and vibrant, nautical, etc.) which invites the customer in the first place and from there you can style your products to create atmosphere.  Cushions scattered in one area definitely serve a purpose, but cushions scattered on a couch or chair, colour coordinated with a little coffee table placed beside the chair, topped with a gorgeous tea cup and a book gives atmosphere.  How divine to even imagine sinking into a comfy chair and reading a book with a nice cup of tea.  The customers can attach an emotion to that display and bring it into their own home.

I have popped the link for this interview on our Facebook page and I really recommend it.  Just a warning – little bit of saucy language, but in the interest of information try to ignore this and soak up what he has to say.

shopping 4.jpg

I would love to hear your views so please leave a comment.  Do you display all of your products with this emotional pull in mind?  Do you agree with these comments?

(Maybe try not to use the emotion of fear to keep your customers in store ;) , geese are not welcome!) 



Green Tea Clay Soap

Every wondered how our beautiful Cleanse With Benefits soap gets made?  The lovely Hepzi from Cleanse With Benefits writes this blog post giving us an insite into just what goes into these amazing soaps:


Green Tea Clay Soap

This facial soap is so gentle and kind to the skin. Green tea is a great anti-oxidant and clay helps to remove toxins working to clarify and clean the skin. Not to mention that it is packed with tonnes of beneficial oils and butter which keep your skin noursihed and moutisurised. In this blog post we are going to give you a peek at how we create this awesome bar of soap. 

The soap making begins with combining the lye & green tea infused water mixture with our recipe of oils & butters which include shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil & olive oil. 


We mix & when the soap reaches the tight consistency we then add the Green Tea fragrance oil, clay, colour & tea leaves & pour into the clear soap mould; this is the first soap layer!

Dusting the coca powder between layers creates a thin pencil line across the cut soap bar. 

Repeating the same method as the first layer of soap we pour the second layer carfefully over the dusting of cocoa powder. 

Finished with a sprinkling of tea leaves. 

24 Hours later…. 

Now we sit and wait 5 weeks to let the water evaporate from the soap bar & until the bar reaches a prefect ph level ready for use. 

Thanks Hepzi, this is such a great blog post.  To all our lovely retailers we hope this give you a little bit of information to help sell these glorious products to customers.  If you are a customer, please don't hesitate to contact us, we can put you in touch with a retailers in your area that stocks Cleanse With Benefits.

What fragrance would you like to see in a soap, Choc Orange, Lychee?  Give us your feedback in the comments section, or jump onto our facebook page and comment there.  

Happy Friday everyone. 




How to make a Window Display talk to your Customer

Window displays draw customers into your store and help create a really strong brand.   In fact I would hazard to say that without a good window display your customers would walk straight on by.  Think of Myers at Christmas time, people trudge into the city with young children at one of the busiest times of the year (my worst nightmare), just to see the Myers Christmas window displays.  So I have done a bit of research and have found some great tips.

1. Grab your customer's attention.  Window displays need to make pedestrians stop take a few steps back and walk into your store (and the display needs to be more edgy and engaging then your next door neighbours). 

jelly fish.jpg

I love this display because it is engaging with a beautiful display or floating jellyfish.  It's simplicity and beauty draws attention immediately and before you know it you are studying the products for sale.

2.   Show your holiday spirit.  Of course we are talking about Christmas, easter, etc, however why not take advantage of the change of season or your business's anniversary date.  




3. Think outside the window box.  You can utilise more then just the traditional window box, think about doing something with the outside of the building or having the window display incorporated into the shop, giving your customers a chance to look and touch the products displayed as soon as they walk in the door.

pink and white.jpg

This display is inviting because whilst is has a great pink background the main focus is the yellow table, however it is not closed off to the customers.  Incorporating the shelving and leaving a walk way and browsing area gives this window display appeal.

4. Be a quick change artist.  People want to see new products all the time so it is a great idea to change window displays at least once a month.  

5. Don’t forget lighting.  Having great lighting day and night will draw customers to your shop window.  Night lighting may seem a little extravagant but if you are in a prominent shopping area a brightly lit shop front will make you stand out from the crowd whilst surrounded by black unlit shopfronts.


This shop front photo was taken at night and it pops!

6. Take photos for inspiration.  Don't forget to take a snap at interesting window shop fronts along your travels.  A little inspiration can go a long way.  



Most of the big labels have professional window display designers.  There is nothing wrong with drawing from their experience.

7. Focus on the product : Be creative, have nice a back drop and great lighting but don’t let it steal the show.



This is a perfect example.  Engaging, edgy and simple.

8. Tell a story. Colour coordinate and relate each item in the window to each other.



Whilst this window is not simple, it has created a story.  All of the products displayed are quite interesting on their own, but there is a common thread in colour and style.  

I hope these few ideas have been of some help and we would LOVE to hear about your window display successes so join in the discussion.

The Designers Agency promotes a community between designers and retailers.  We aim to not only bring your beautiful products, but small business tips and information and styling trends.  We are a small business also, so we can learn from your experience.

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The Vintage Style

Vintage has been making a come back now for many years. So much so that I think anything older then 5 years is considered "vintage".  Hell, my 3 year old Macbook is considered vintage by Apple, so much so that I cannot actually get products for it.  Consumerism maybe?

"Vintage" shopping was know as "Op" shopping 20 years ago when I was a poor student and that's all I could afford.  Who knew I was so stylish?  I was never lucky enough to score designers clothes when Op shopping, but I did once find a Fletcher Jones jacket.  Did it make the transition from second hand to vintage - Nope, my friends used to compare me to Jerry Seinfield.   

Shopping Vintage is an art.  Searching through loads of old clothes to find the perfect material is a challange and time-consuming.  Whilst it does yield amazing results the next step of reconstructing it to fit our current fashion trends is tricky.

However the ladies at Empire of Bees have stayed true in incorporate textiles from 1950's summer dresses , cushion covers and table cloths through to the 70's.  While this vintage splash is very stylish, the recycling of these textiles adds,  if only by a small portion, in cutting down landfill.   Imagine if we all bought on the basis of recycling?

So you can do vintage this way:

Or this way:

vintage jeans.jpg

Either way, be bold.  High waisted, relaxed fit jeans aren't for everyone, but I am sure there are a few of you out there that could pull it off. 



Empire of Bees range includes limited quantities of each products due to the use of vintage fabrics and textiles.  To secure your desired products please contact Jen Miller on 0407 759384 or sales "at" thedesignersagency.com.au.