The Vintage Style

Vintage has been making a come back now for many years. So much so that I think anything older then 5 years is considered "vintage".  Hell, my 3 year old Macbook is considered vintage by Apple, so much so that I cannot actually get products for it.  Consumerism maybe?

"Vintage" shopping was know as "Op" shopping 20 years ago when I was a poor student and that's all I could afford.  Who knew I was so stylish?  I was never lucky enough to score designers clothes when Op shopping, but I did once find a Fletcher Jones jacket.  Did it make the transition from second hand to vintage - Nope, my friends used to compare me to Jerry Seinfield.   

Shopping Vintage is an art.  Searching through loads of old clothes to find the perfect material is a challange and time-consuming.  Whilst it does yield amazing results the next step of reconstructing it to fit our current fashion trends is tricky.

However the ladies at Empire of Bees have stayed true in incorporate textiles from 1950's summer dresses , cushion covers and table cloths through to the 70's.  While this vintage splash is very stylish, the recycling of these textiles adds,  if only by a small portion, in cutting down landfill.   Imagine if we all bought on the basis of recycling?

So you can do vintage this way:

Or this way:

vintage jeans.jpg

Either way, be bold.  High waisted, relaxed fit jeans aren't for everyone, but I am sure there are a few of you out there that could pull it off. 



Empire of Bees range includes limited quantities of each products due to the use of vintage fabrics and textiles.  To secure your desired products please contact Jen Miller on 0407 759384 or sales "at"