Retail And The Emotional Pull

I recently listened to an amazing interview with the mind behind the Motorcycle Brand Braaap.  Motorcycles are so far removed from my world it is not funny, however the interview was about how he built his business and why he has been so successful (and all in his early 20s).

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The key point I took from this 30-minute interview was that emotion must be created to convert sales.  A great example is the store LUSH.  If you look at basics this is a retail outlet that sells soaps, but if you look at the emotion they have created a warm, sensory inviting environment.   When you walk into their space the smell is overwhelming.  The soaps are all available to touch, feel and smell.  Retail staff offer testers, warm water bowls are set up to try scrubs and soaps on hands and wash off.  From this test the customer is left with the scent on the hands.  This has created an attachment to the product and hence the last little push to buy.  The very same set up could be created with our beautiful brand Cleanse With Benefits.

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So we have established that emotion that scent can bring is an easy one (candles are a great example, lighting them in your store to create a warm atmosphere).  But how do you evoke an emotional response with things like soft furnishings?  What is it that takes the visual sense and makes it an emotion?  Experience and desire.  How many times have you read through a Home Beautiful and yearned for the surroundings that the homes advertise (daily for me).  Whilst we can’t please everyone most stores have a theme (French themed, coloring and vibrant, nautical, etc.) which invites the customer in the first place and from there you can style your products to create atmosphere.  Cushions scattered in one area definitely serve a purpose, but cushions scattered on a couch or chair, colour coordinated with a little coffee table placed beside the chair, topped with a gorgeous tea cup and a book gives atmosphere.  How divine to even imagine sinking into a comfy chair and reading a book with a nice cup of tea.  The customers can attach an emotion to that display and bring it into their own home.

I have popped the link for this interview on our Facebook page and I really recommend it.  Just a warning – little bit of saucy language, but in the interest of information try to ignore this and soak up what he has to say.

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I would love to hear your views so please leave a comment.  Do you display all of your products with this emotional pull in mind?  Do you agree with these comments?

(Maybe try not to use the emotion of fear to keep your customers in store ;) , geese are not welcome!)