How to make a Window Display talk to your Customer

Window displays draw customers into your store and help create a really strong brand.   In fact I would hazard to say that without a good window display your customers would walk straight on by.  Think of Myers at Christmas time, people trudge into the city with young children at one of the busiest times of the year (my worst nightmare), just to see the Myers Christmas window displays.  So I have done a bit of research and have found some great tips.

1. Grab your customer's attention.  Window displays need to make pedestrians stop take a few steps back and walk into your store (and the display needs to be more edgy and engaging then your next door neighbours). 

jelly fish.jpg

I love this display because it is engaging with a beautiful display or floating jellyfish.  It's simplicity and beauty draws attention immediately and before you know it you are studying the products for sale.

2.   Show your holiday spirit.  Of course we are talking about Christmas, easter, etc, however why not take advantage of the change of season or your business's anniversary date.  




3. Think outside the window box.  You can utilise more then just the traditional window box, think about doing something with the outside of the building or having the window display incorporated into the shop, giving your customers a chance to look and touch the products displayed as soon as they walk in the door.

pink and white.jpg

This display is inviting because whilst is has a great pink background the main focus is the yellow table, however it is not closed off to the customers.  Incorporating the shelving and leaving a walk way and browsing area gives this window display appeal.

4. Be a quick change artist.  People want to see new products all the time so it is a great idea to change window displays at least once a month.  

5. Don’t forget lighting.  Having great lighting day and night will draw customers to your shop window.  Night lighting may seem a little extravagant but if you are in a prominent shopping area a brightly lit shop front will make you stand out from the crowd whilst surrounded by black unlit shopfronts.


This shop front photo was taken at night and it pops!

6. Take photos for inspiration.  Don't forget to take a snap at interesting window shop fronts along your travels.  A little inspiration can go a long way.  



Most of the big labels have professional window display designers.  There is nothing wrong with drawing from their experience.

7. Focus on the product : Be creative, have nice a back drop and great lighting but don’t let it steal the show.



This is a perfect example.  Engaging, edgy and simple.

8. Tell a story. Colour coordinate and relate each item in the window to each other.



Whilst this window is not simple, it has created a story.  All of the products displayed are quite interesting on their own, but there is a common thread in colour and style.  

I hope these few ideas have been of some help and we would LOVE to hear about your window display successes so join in the discussion.

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