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Specialising in unique bag designs using the highest quality leather and recycled and vintage fabrics, Empire of Bees is the result of a creative collaboration between Claire Davies & Bridget Glass.


Every piece of fabric used in the designs is a hand selected treasure, often with a colorful past life. Fabric is sourced from vintage items such as summer dresses from the 1950’s through to bold printed cushion covers and table cloths of the 1970’s. The bag designs are inspired by the stories, patterns and era of the fabric. 


Empire of Bees aim to employ sustainable and small scale production methods; in line with each product being handmade and the limited amount of fabric which can be revived from vintage items. These techniques ensure there will always be a limited number of each design, so you can be guaranteed of truly unique bags, not to be seen elsewhere.  We suggest getting in early, so as not to be disappointed!

There can be subtle variations in the vintage fabrics, these may be natural elements of the fabric or testimony to the fabrics age, era and story. These differences add to the uniqueness, texture and beauty of the bag and should not be regarded as defects.

With a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of its operations, Empire of Bees aims to be operating as a carbon neutral business in the very near future.