What makes The Designers Agency different and how can we help you?

The Designers Agency is a new concept in wholesale distribution.

We know how valuable time is to not only to you, but to your customers, our customers and our designers.  The world, especially the retail world is full of interruptions, we all only have a finite amount of time we can give any one subject.  When developing The Designers Agency we had this in mind.

So what makes us different?

If you have spoken to me, you know my “tag” line is “we specialize in selling small quantities”.  Why? Why wouldn’t we support you in these terms?  If you buy 2 items from us and they sell out, great!  You can always buy more and buy what is proving to be popular with your customer.  If you buy 200 items from us and they don’t sell, what then?  You are stuck with stock you have invested your hard earned money in that isn’t selling. 

Secondly, as consumers ourselves we all know that new items attract our attention.  To build and maintain the loyalty of customers the need to introduce new stock regularly is imperative.  The ability to sell you small quantities when ever you require it allows you to make strategic decisions on what you buy, when you buy.

From our Designers point of view this allows them the freedom to create!  And not only to create from their heart, but it allows them to have up to date information on which of their products are selling well and which are not.  This gives them the information to produce products unique to their brand, but also following the consumer trend.  How many times have you had customers love a product, but they just want it is a different colour.  We LOVE feedback, we THRIVE on feedback. Your feedback produces our designer’s products to give your customers the products they want and in turn their loyality to you.

We look forward to helping you! 

The Designers Agency Team

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